Re: virus: Re: The Fall of Buddhism

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
11 Mar 97 21:41:43 EST

Corey wrote:
>D. H. Rosdeitcher wrote that some people think (but it isn't so) that:
>> ...the mind is a synthesizing device which shapes and distorts
>> reality according to its perceptual filters and does not validly
>> perceive an objective reality.

>And it isn't like that? That is an
>excellent description of the mind. Except for the "validly" part.
>The mind perceives an objective reality, it just doesn't do it

David McF. already answered this, about how we perceive reality, but figuring it
out depends on we put our perceptions together cognitively. A color blind man
and a man with normal vision can come to the same conclusions about the nature
of what they see.

David McF. presented this problem:
>Say I have a very powerful red laser and point it at the full moon such
>that you could see a distinct red dot. If I asked you if you can see the
>red dot on the moon, would you deny it?

I might have to agree that I see what appears to be a red dot on the moon, but
the nature of the laser light and the moon, etc. can be understood better by
doing some experiments and tests and putting the facts together.

Corey wrote:
> The mind makes mistakes. "Sometimes, you're wrong."
>An Objectivist viewpoint that admitted that the mind was ocasionally and
>fundamentally wrong would find a few more supporters, I'm sure.

Can you show me where I said that we don't make mistakes? -David