RE: virus:Re: Buddhism and memetics

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 06:39:36 -0800

>D.H.R. wrote:
>>> In Zen training every concept is held up to
>>>scrutiny, nothing is left uninvestigated,
>>Does this include the concept of Zen itself?
>There's a wonderful koan about the top student in the Zen monastery who
>becomes a master known far and wide for his voluminous and insightful
>writings on one of the sutras. One day he becomes enlightened and burns
>his life's work. Zen, like Level 3, doesn't take itself seriously.

There is a wonderful book about koans and the mystery of Level-3, which says:

"The idea that there is a mysterious body of knowledge that can be attained
through a lifetime of problem-solving is a powerful lure. This is the
cornerstone of such Eastern religions as Zen and Taoism, although
adherents would probably tell you it isn't. (That's what makes it so

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