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Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 12 Mar 97 15:26:00 EST

From: D. H. Rosdeitcher[] wrote:

>you seem to imply that reality is a function of consciousness.

Creating labels is a function of consciousness.

>It's like an idea that the mind is a synthesizing device which shapes
and distorts reality according to its >perceptual filters and does not
validly perceive an objective reality.

There is probably some truth in this; since all matter is made of atoms,
and 90%+ of atoms are empty space, how is one to deal with the perception
of solidity inherent in ordinary objects? The perception of solidity
prevents one from bumping into walls, however, so perhaps flawed
perceptions are useful, in an evolutionary sense.

> Things exist as they are, regardless of anyone's consciousness. But
>consciousness can perceive the same existence in many ways. The entities
>have identities already exist in reality, but it is consciousness which
identifies those entities.

What is one to do with entities that exist only in the mind, such as "I",
"Self", "Objectivism" and so forth? Do entities with no physical reality
exist in objective reality?

> But sometimes the mind gets tricked, since it is accustomed to seeing
>patterns, and mis-identifies something that is not part of an

The mind is great at playing tricks on itself; this is why meditating to
enlightenment is so painful and lengthy, in most instances.

>For instance, Pronounce 'smoke'. Now pronounce 'folk'. What is the white
of the egg? No, the
white is the albumen, the yolk is yellow.<

Nice trick! How about: "Creatures that think exist. "I" am a thinking
creature. Therefore, "I" exist."
Or the famous quote from Descartes.

>But, these mistakes can be corrected, since the mind can identify
reality. <

Minds that can remove preconceptions can perceive objective reality,

James Wright