virus: The Fall of Buddhism: Place your Bets!

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 12 Mar 97 15:39:00 EST

D. H. Rosdeitcher[] wrote:

>Hey, Tim--Accepting those axioms does not lead to a closed system. In
fact, if
>you can show me a case where those axioms don't apply, I'll openly admit
it and
>then I'll give you 500 dollars. That would be 1000 dollars for you if
>include the money that Tad offered you for showing an instance where he
>people on this list 'parasites'.

Don't hold your breath, Tim - the key escape clause is "show me". We have
repeatedly, using quantum physics, and when shown, David asserts
"metaphysical certainty". This means, "I know it's so, even when I can't
show it."
Such an argument is indeterminate, and such a bet is unenforceable, by
the same reason that religion is not verifiable - they both depend on
"FAITH", an unprovable assertion.
Your opportunities with Tad are much better, as they are a public record
held by a third party, if he indeed said such a thing or not.
James Wright