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>If instead I redefine religion to be "any meme-complex whose purpose is
>to give meaning to the lives of its adherents". This definition is better
>because it includes all religions traditionally associated with the word,
>plus by leaving out any mandatory belief in a deity the definition
>includes systems of thought like Buddhism, Scientology, and the Church of
>Virus which are religions (according to their founders) even though they
>are excluded by the dictionary definition. My new definition also opens
>up new lines of inquiry into the nature of religions by bringing attention
>to their inherent viral nature (by calling them meme-complexes) and to
>a possible common denominator in their purpose (semantic catalysts) rather
>than doctrine (which academics have given up on, according to a friend
>doing a PhD in religious studies).
>I didn't explain that as well as I had hoped, but that should give you
>enough to bite.
I must have misunderstood you then because it seems perfectly
clear to me, or at least to my alter ego,the stand up charector which I
have invented called the Rev. C. Darwin. Is there a Cov logo I can get
printed on my shirt?
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Tony Hindle. AKA the Reverend C. Darwin.