Re: virus: Self-awareness Software and Reputing

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 18:41:22 +0000

In message <>, Tadeusz
Niwinski <> writes
>Life/evolution algorithm is:
>1) Generate random "genes"
>2) Grow them
>3) Select the best
>4) Repute (reproduce with mutations) / Breed (?)
>5) Go to 2
>What algorithm can be used to model self-awareness?

1) generate random "memes".
2) grow them
3) select the best
4) Breed
5) go to 2.

This is the algorithm of consciousness/ Self consciousness,
an ongoing, recursive process of bootstrapping upwards in design
space. (see Dennett, kinds of minds chapter 5.) The algorithm is
guaranteed to create new "mind tools" with which to carry out the
next iteration with "more finegrainedness". We as individuals are
transient collections of mindtools. Death empties our toolboxes.
Which is a real bummer cos we love playing with our tools.
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