Re: virus: Re: The Fall of Buddhism

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
13 Mar 97 00:47:05 EST

I wrote:

>>At each successive moment that the laser moves, a different group of photons
>>coming out of the laser. Each photon is going the speed of light, but from a
>>different angle. It isn't like there is this group of photons moving across
>>moon faster than the speed of light. -David

David McF. wrote

>So this object we were discussing, the red dot on the moon, doesn't have
>an objective existence? A is not A?!

At any given moment, there are specific photons that make up that red dot on the
moon. That red dot is a valid entity, even though the photons keep changing and
the red dot shifts from moment to moment. This raises a question about whether
or not impulses can move faster than the speed of light to make faster than
light communication.