Re: virus: The Fall of Buddhism {W2: LONG}

Corey A. Cook (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 15:43:07 -0800

I wrote:
>1) Particles can be split by prisms. Take a bucket of sand and
>pebbles. Throw it at a body of water at an angle to the surface of the
>water. The particles with the greater mass will have a lower x value
>than those with a smaller mass. (Where x is distance traveled from the
>original position.) This is essentially the same way that a prism can
>spread a light beam.

Martz replied:
>A particle goes this way, another particle goes that way. No particle
>has been split.

The same is true for light and a prism. A prism doesn't "split" light,
it _spreads_ light. It is commonly thought that a prism splits a light
beam, but this just isn't true.

Corey A. Cook

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