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David McFadzean (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 18:11:00 -0700

At 08:36 PM 14/03/97 +0000, Martz wrote:
>The dot has existence but doesn't move. It appears to move but what
>you're seeing is a succession of different dots in different positions
>which create the illusion.

OK, that explains how the object appears to move faster than light. But
the point is that all objects are illusions in the same sense. The
underlying physical reality changes over time and doesn't have any
real boundaries yet we human find it convenient to work with the

As I understand it, the Objectivist axiom, A is A, is a statement about
identity (IT is) and existence (it IS). However it seems more accurate
to say that identity is a function of the mind. When the mind identifies
something, A, it is the meme <A> which is identifying A. Saying "<A> is A"
is the old fallacy of mistaking the map for the territory.

Now, rather than viciously attacking Objectivism and claiming that the
CoV will rule cyberspace, I will ask if the above is a fair characterization
of Objectivist doctrine, and whether my addition is in line with or at
odds with Objectivism.

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