RE: virus: Incredulity

Wright, James 7929 (
Sat, 15 Mar 97 23:37:00 EST

David McFadzean[] wrote:
>Rationality can be used to critique itself. This is what philosophers
>advance positions by arguing for them, and critique positions by arguing
>(rationally) against them.

But what of the Godel theorem? If there are statements that exist in
logic that cannot be proved true using logic, how shall you proceed?

>But to examine the relative worth of logic itself you have to go outside
>the system and see how it does compared to competitive systems in terms
>of survival, happiness, effectiveness, etc. (In case it isn't obvious,
>I think it does very well by those criteria.)

What competitive systems are there? How well do they do? Which criteria
would you use to decide?
I am not asking simply to "muddy the waters". If there is a competing
system that does not include logic, should it be included in the CofV, or
at least considered?
James Wright