virus: An Alternative to Objectivism?

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
17 Mar 97 09:12:35 EST

James wrote:
>Please elaborate on the alternate set of axioms you like better.

The "alternative set of axioms" that I was referring to was from the philosophy
of Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, who founded the "School of Thinking" and teaches a
new field called 'cognetics'. Gleeson has only 1 axiom. We have a 'Current View
of a Situation'--at any given time, we all have a definite point of view on any
given situation. That 'Current View of the Situation' is not as good as a
'Better View of the Situation', and there is ALWAYS a better view of any
situation, since we are not 'know-it-alls'. The Current View of the Situation is
called the 'CVS' and the Better View of the Situation is called the 'BVS'. And
the key is to move from your CVS (See Vee Ess) to a BVS(Bee Vee Ess). The main
axiom that all other concepts in his philosophy stem from is called: CVSTOBVS.
It is possible to break reduce this axiom into the objectivist axioms, but in
the context that Gleeson is coming from, that is unnecessary. -David