Re: virus: Re: Rationality
Tue, 18 Mar 97 09:55:45 GMT

> From: Tim Rhodes <>
> You said you thought I was right and the colors of paint ananlogy
> was beaking down.

Well, I couldn't think of any forther expansions to it myself :)

> > .... I usually choose a [set of ideas] *before* I start [talking].
> > Sure, sometimes something that is happening in the [conversation] (or
> > while I'm [thinking]) will send me back to the Big Box o' [Memes],
> > but by and large I make decisions about overall [memes] and tone from
> > the get-go and work within those self-imposed limitations. Sometimes a
> > [meme] will move me, possess me and make me want to explore it, in these
> > cases it is that one [meme] that sets the tone for [my thinking] and as
> > such influences the other [memes] I choose. Other times I have a mood
> > or a feeling [or a concept] I want to convey and choose whatever [memes]
> > will aid me in realization of that goal. Even if I personally have no
> > love of the [memes] themselves.
> I think the analogy holds up quite well, don't you?

Actually, it does. Although I'm not sure it could apply to everyone,
but as long as it applies to you then it works.

> And yes, I do think
> there are "meme schemes", memes that complement on another and others that
> clash in hideous garish ways (but that can also be used to construct a
> composition, as in art).

So you reckon that clashing memes could be used together in a meme-complex,
that would be useful (convert this to metaphor format if you wish)

> So I guess this metaphor is still alive and
> kickin'. For me at least.

Personally, I couldn't take it much further, but I've never been any good
at analogies. I think it will continue to stand /at least/ as it is.