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Martz (
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 21:04:02 +0000

If I snipped it, I had nothing to add.

On Tue, 18 Mar 1997, Tony Hindle <> wrote:

> "Man's life is solitary, brutal and short."
>You will decode it according to your memetic software and get some
>semantic displacement. If however the intervening electronic media
>causes 2 errors to occur, one at charector 7 and one at charector 33
> "Man's Wife is solitary, brutal amd short."
>The error at charector 33 is easily parsed but an "unlucky fluke error"
>at charector 7 will cause a massive semantic displacement.

But strangely enough, no loss of accuracy.

>>I've already decided that I'll be reading it but what with a full-time
>>job, two courses, trying to get a business off the ground, a new house
>>to decorate and of course CoV, time is a precious commodity at the
> Time is always a precious comodity. What courses? what business?
>(sorry if it's none of mine:).

I'll take that one off-list.

>>Let me know if you've got any gigs lined up around London. North of the
>>river and east of the city please? ;)
> West of the river (as you corrected later - beware spelling
>mistakes, the girls are watching you may be banned from eternal bliss.

It wasn't a spelling mistake, it was a total brainstorm. I was forced to
live in south-east london for 6 months last year and I still haven't got
over the trauma.

> Here's a couple pending
> Alternative trainspotters
> Rat & Carrott
> 606, lordship lane
> sunday 23rd (see time out for details)
> Adam n Eve
> 830 Uxbridge rd
> thur 3rd april.

You never know. I might just make it to one of those.

> Ok I gotta dash. Peace.

Right back atcha.


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