Re: virus: Incredulity

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 02:25:30 +0000

In message <>, David
McFadzean <> writes
>At 09:53 AM 14/03/97 +0000, Tony Hindle wrote:
>> We must have faith in using good evidence. Is this what you
>>are both saying?
>No, I won't concede to having faith in good evidence either. If it
>turns out that good evidence does not lead to a more accurate
>understanding (which I don't think is likely, but this is hypothetical)
>then I will have to give up on good evidence.
Tell me then, what will you use when you have given up on
good evidence? and why?

Richard replied:
>I am delighted to have seemingly found your blind spot.
>Don't you see that you are using rational arguments to make all these
>points about not needing faith in rationality?
>Creationists also believe their beliefs are not without "good evidence."
One out of two was not as good as I was hoping for here.

Tony Hindle.