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Tony Hindle (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:11:50 +0000

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>>Because when buying something quickly, you will generally only look at the
>>number of punds the object is, right? OK, I suspect that you don't, but I've
>>got a reasonable respect for your intelligence, and methodicalism (?), but
>>average person won't think about the pennies, they're small change. It makes
>>apear much cheaper, when really they're only 1 or 5 pence less.
>>Frightening thing is, it works !
>Does it though. I've asked people about this and I've yet to come across
>anyone who doesn't automatically round it off. Unless, as Eva says, it
>has a subconscious effect anyway.
Its a well known principle. Advertising never affects ME
Im too smart, how many times have we heard that?
Evem Mr Brodie, memetics expert extrodinaire. Why does he like
"fine cognac" so much instead of the cheap stuff? He's been got at
that's why. He's now convinced that if you let the stuff rot in a barrel
for 12 years the "different taste" (I'm not denying it is different)
is actually a better taste. Wrong, try again. Wipe away that
indoctination and taste it again, the cheap stuff is just fine. Why pay
all that extra to have it rot for 12 years and pay some henry and
henrieta to "lunch darling" while they design the next memetic poison
for your mind.
Or is it just that you like the expensive stuff cos sombody else
is paying?

Tony Hindle.
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