Re: virus: Axioms

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 00:02:38 -0800

>Prime Axiom (aka: Axiom Mundi): This axiom is defined as, and encompasses
>all of, human understanding known and yet to be known.

Human understanding is an axiom? Yes, we assume we are able to understand.
In other words we are conscious of reality and capable of understanding it.
I heard it somewhere before... Would it be Ayn Rand's second axiom?

>Axiom, the Second (not /really/ an axiom): There are truths that exist in
>all axiomatic systems that are true, but cannot be proved true within that
>system (see Godel for more info).
>Therefore (Axiom three, if you must): Faith is inherent in human
>understanding, faith in axioms included.

Each person has a set of beliefs. It's a good axiom and I think it can be
added to Ayn Rand's three. We all base our thinking on something we assume
to be true without proof: God, reality, consciousness, identity. This one
could be called Prof. Tim meta-axiom: faith is inherent in human understanding.

An important thing in communication is to tell each other what axioms we
come from. If one uses axioms without admitting it -- it's hard to
communicate. Let's get some more axioms defined. Zen? Buddhism? -- what
axioms are used there?

>Better? Remember, Tad, you've doing a fine bit of pissing yourself
>lately :-)

Are you trying to make me feel guilty?

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