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>>>Quantum Memetics
>>>The smalest meme which is not divisible is called a monk.
>>>Chapter 1: Level-3 Quarks
>>>Two monks were arguing about divisibility of memes.
>>>"Wait a second", said the first.
>>>And the second was not a monk.
>>Chapter 2: Quantum memetic fluctuations.
>> It is possible for two memes, exactly opposing one another to
>>spontaiously come into existence from nothing, one meme says the
>>opposite of the other and when you put the two of them back together
>>they mutually disintegrate, leaving nothing again.
>Chapter 3: Memutrino
>When two mems disintegrate, leaving nothing again, the 'nothing' is called
>memutrino. Memutrino is a Level-3 quark and monks in Seattle (as all other
>Level-3 monks).

Chapter 4: A theory of Quantum gravity.
according to ripples in the background memetic radiation (observable
using cov. telescope) all meme vehicles are attracted to the centre of
the universe which is called seattle.
However there also exists anti-mematter orbiting around and
beyond the planet TeTa, it is theorised that if ever the anti-mematter
from TeTa makes contact with mematter from seattle there will be another
big bang.
Tony Hindle.
Who is only pretending to make things up.