Re: virus: I need an analogy...

Martz (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 21:23:46 +0000

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, "Corey A. Cook" <> wrote:
>Jim wrote:
>>what I would like to see, is an analogy in the field of "thought
>>reproduction" (is there a better term for this?) to the recent
>>innovation of science: CLONING!
>hmm. It seems to me that memetic cloning is an impossiblity.

I hope you're wrong. Consider; if human consciousness is nothing more
than the coordinated firings of a huge neural network (which I believe
to be the case) then if we could replicate that in an artificial
environment *exactly* we would have memetic cloning. There would still
be a possibility of copying errors (as there is with cloning - I don't
think it's a 100% effective process) but no more so than in copying a
file on your computer from one directory to another. We don't have the
technology to scan a brain down to the level of detail required
(individual neurons and synapses) but I hope that someday we will. It's
my best hope for immortality after all.


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