Re: virus: Axioms

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 20:13:57 -0800

Robin wrote:
>Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>>Robin Faichney wrote:
>>>Of course, the insistence that people see "it" for themselves
>>>contradicts the Objectivist characterisation, but I'm sure that
>>>Objectivism's immune system is effective against memes
>>>such as that.
>>How can people see "it" for themselves if they start with axiom 4
>>(the Buddhism is how to do it) ?
>Perhaps no 4 is not an axiom.
>What it is, is a set of guidelines which, if followed, enable you to
>see the truth for yourself. Come to think of it, it is definitely not an
>axiom, but rather the means by which the validity of the 3 previous
>"Noble Truths", which are axioms, can be demonstrated. (That
>life generally is full of dissatisfaction, why that is so, and that
>something can be done about it.) Sorry for my thoughtless
>presentation of all 4 as axioms.

The axiom "life generally is full of dissatisfaction" invites some
guru/religion/expert/consultant to offer you a solution.

You know, of course, that TeTa is the best solution. It's not an axiom.
TeTa enables you to see the truth for yourself. Come.

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