Re: virus: From the shadows

Dan Plante (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 23:39:00 -0800

At 09:23 PM 3/21/97 +0000, Martz wrote:
>On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Richard Brodie <> wrote:
>>Martin Traynor wrote:
>>[re why $19.95 works]
>>>Does it though. I've asked people about this and I've yet to come
>>>anyone who doesn't automatically round it off. Unless, as Eva says, it
>>>has a subconscious effect anyway.
>>Studies show it works. There are psychological barriers at $20, $50, and
>>$100 among others. It does work at a gut level.
>Even when you consciously round it off before making a decision? Or is
>it just that statistically there are enough people who don't?

The latter, I'd say. But replace "enough" with "most" and call them the
"unwashed masses". It also affords the advertizers, under the aegis of
their client company, the legal right to say "Under $20!" which, let's
face it, makes us /all/ think "$1.49!".