Re: virus: Memohazard Symbol

Alex Williams (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 00:27:26 -0500 (EST)

> The Prometheus symbolism is right on (the gaining of new knowledge leading
> to irreversible changes, and, for Prometheus himself, very bad news), as
> is the Tree of Knowledge, in some incarnations. I've had trouble trying
> to turn it into a threefold sigil tho.

Promethian Symbology ... I'm not sure I like liver enough for it to
really fit, but the idea is nice. Perhaps a Thoth Deck-like Seven or
Nine of Wands (torches) would be appropriate. (OK, so its an insider
Tarot joke, so sue me ...)

> Still thinking, and wishing Zander could just email over a sketch of the
> Lovecraftian symbol...hey, how about a titanic ELBOW?

Elbow? I don't have enough cans of carbolic acid ...

(Elbow? `Put nothing larger than us in your ear,' too ...)