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Lior Golgher (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 23:06:14 -0800

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I wrote:

> Just thought of a metaphor:
> Imagine two aquarium - a religious one and a scientific one. Within each
> there's a fish. If you try to put the aquariums side by side, then the
> fish'll go grrrr one at the other, fluttering tails and attacking the
> glass. Merging the aquariums is naturally inconsiderable.
> Science and religion are two different sets, two different biospheres.
> And they don't necessarily have to fight over one's memesphere.

Kenneth wrote:

I find these fish not only do not attack each other, I am having to deal
with hordes of their offspring.

Of course, my religious fish cheerfully attacks many other incompatible
mutant religious fish.

They attack each other only when one of them wrongly assume that their
territories are congruent. For example scientists who believe they can
empirically prove there's no god, or churches claiming the sun orbits
Earth. But in reality science-fish and religion-fish peacefully live in
two separate memespheres.

Sometimes science indirectly affect religion, as in the case of Reutenberg (sp?) printer which lead to the appearance of Protestantism. In addition, science and religion can thrive in the same mind (Newton published more religious articles than scientific ones). YET, there are no cases of direct joint achievements involving both of them. You're speaking of hordes of offsprings, while I can't find a single infant.