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David McFadzean (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 15:09:35 -0700

> From: Reed Konsler <>
> Date: Monday, March 17, 1997 10:56 PM
> After a non-linear search through my collection of roleplaying literature
> I came across this, which I though y'all might find interesting:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> GURPS, War Against the Chtorr
> by C.J. Carella based on David Gerrold's novels of alien invasion
> 1993, Steve Jackson Games
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------


Thanks for taking the time to pass that on. Could you tell if the mode training
is part of Gerrold's world or just part of the RPG based on the world?

> Re-integrating my off-line memory (ie: my books) like this just makes me
> giddy with pleasure. In celebration I propose a definition:
> MODE: A self-consistent method or program of perceiving, thinking, and
> acting. A meme-complex which comprehesively (if not completely) attempts
> to conciously map reality for the purpose of explaination, prediction, and
> manipulation of phenomena both material and cognitive. More generally:
> a 'point-of-view' or 'ideology'. Modes need not be self-exclusive; more
> than one (or a hybrid) may be in operation simultaneously.

Are modes necessarily self-consistent? I ask because it seems from
my perspective that the ones I generally argue against (namely mysticism
in its various forms) are not self-consistent, or at least they don't
consider consistency to be a virtue.

> Thus one can be in:
> Scientist-Mode
> Objectivist-Mode
> Level-3-Mode
> Zen-Mode

Isn't Richard's Level-3 more of a meta-mode? If you can simultaneously
operate in any two or more modes, then aren't you in Level-3?

And what is meant by "simultaneous"? Does it mean being able to switch
between modes quickly and transparently, or actually operate in two
(or more) at the same time? Don't some modes automatically preclude
others? For instance, if I'm currently operating in mystic-mode (or
perhaps zen-mode), doesn't that preclude being in scientific mode at
that particular time?

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