Re: virus: a tangent

Dan Plante (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 16:42:35 -0800

At 01:32 PM 3/23/97 -0800, Prof. Tim wrote:
>Interestingly, I was taking with a friend about ego dissolution just
>last night. She's trying to construct her own independent self through
>therapy while at the same time trying to deconstruct that self through
>Buddhism. She's finding that the more she becomes aware that her "self"
>is a construct of parts that she can put together however she chooses, the
>easier it is for her to take that "self" apart, look at each piece, and
>decide if she wants to keep it or not, and that she can put it all back
>together however she chooses. A different configuration for every
>situation or every new challenge. At the same time she's awakening to the
>realization that "she" is none of these configurations and all of them at
>the same time.

The parts and the whole. The components and the emergent property thereof.
She must have an unusual the-rapist; most of them, I find, need one themselves.
"Ego dissolution". An apt term. It rubs me the right way ;-) What she describes
sounds very familiar. The guys at work call me a chameleon, for similar reasons.
I'm curious; how does she rate her own progress to date?

initial conditions = data (conception)
control of data = information (conception to puberty)
control of information = knowledge (puberty to marriage)
control of knowledge = wisdom (marriage to divorce)