Re: Repost: Re: virus: Axioms

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:50:00 -0000

From: David McFadzean
>> 1) Live as lived by most of us is permeated by dissatisfaction.
>> 2) Dissatisfaction is caused by craving and aversion.
>What if I would rather have aspirations and goals than satisfaction?
>Would they boot me from the Buddhist monastery?

I don't agree that aspirations and goals are contrary to Buddhism.
You have to bear in mind that such short account is bound to be
an oversimplification. As a Buddhist, you might be less uptight
about achievement, but that could well make you more effective,
rather than less so, living less in the future and more in the

On the other hand, if your philosophy really was contra-Buddhist,
I think it would only be reasonable to ask why you wanted to stay
in a Buddhist monastery. :-)

Robin Faichney