Re: virus: tabloids

Dan Plante (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 02:35:31 -0800

At 07:32 PM 3/23/97 -0800, Eva wrote:

>I bought a Weekly World News today. It's the best. I hadn't bought it in
>at least a year, but then I bought a selection of tabloids for the Urban
>Legends party, and was still in tabloid-awareness mode when I saw the
>FIRST HUMAN CLONE headline with an embryo picture cribbed straight off
>the cover of _A Child Is Born_. Seems some scientist in Virginia has
>cloned a busy career woman who doesn't have time to raise kids, and grown
>the fetus in an "artificial womb" with synthetic hormones. He waited
>till she was one year old before announcing his results to the world, to
>make sure she lived. The proof is in the pictures: One photo of the
>woman, holding one of her baby pictures, and another photo of the
>baby, who looks just like her baby picture. Isn't science amazing?

Yep. It's what I live for. It's truly astonishing what "they" can do today.

>Considering ordering a Bat Child T-shirt,

I scanned him and blew him up into a poster at work. It's cheaper.
(And he looks so eerily /human/...)