Re: virus: Re: Rationality (meme make-up)
Mon, 24 Mar 97 13:44:22 GMT

Martz wrote:

> >> The properties don't necessarily propogate downwards like
> >> that. I'm now looking at a monitor. Does that mean that the power switch
> >> is also a monitor? Or a single atom of glass?
> >
> >No, but if they are actually part of the monitor aparatus, then they are
> >subdivisions, aren't they?
> You're missing my point. Perhaps if I approach it from a different
> direction. As far as I'm concerned memes in a human host exist solely in
> the brain. They are *ideas*, and to my knowledge muscles don't have
> ideas.

As an advert somewhere, somewhen said: "Suddenly, everything is clear..."

Yes, sorry, I missed your point, but I see what you mean now. Hence,
the smallest most fundamental meme could be (not /is/) the instruction sent
by the most basic of muscle contractions.

Having thought about it, that only covers half of all memes. Can a
meme have no physical effect? If so, then what about memes that exist
purely as thinking tools, for example, logic and rationality, as this
thread initially started with.