Re: virus: Memohazard Symbol
Mon, 24 Mar 97 16:27:15 GMT

Dan Plante wrote:

> >> Here's my mental picture of the T-shirt:
> >>
> >> Front: Close-up picture of a pleasingly angular face (as androgenous as
> >> possible - nods to Eva), from tip of nose to just above the hairline, and
> >> just past the eyebrows on the sides. The head is turned ever-so slightly
> >> to the right, bowed forward slightly, so the eyes (lots of white and very
> >> riveting - maybe gray irises) are looking at you from under slightly hooded
> >> brow, and seem to follow you (a la DaVinci's Mona Lisa). Right eyebrow raised
> >> in inquiry. The grabber: a high forehead, and cutting straight through so the
> >> brain is clearly exposed, are the characters: CoV

Excuse me for butting in, but I'll buy a copy of the T-shirt if we ever
get that far ...