RE: virus: From the shadows

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:17:41 -0800

Martin Traynor wrote:

>This is what I thought, but when I ask people I never find *anyone* who
>doesn't do the rounding. Or at least they all *claim* to. Then again,
>I've never met anyone who admits to buying time-share apartments on the
>Algarve, or Remington fuzz-aways, or K-Tels 'The best of the seventies'
>compilation album <font size -10> not original artists </font> yet
>*someone* keeps these businesses in profit. Maybe I just don't know any
>of the great unwashed. I feel like there's a gap in my life. I must go
>out and find some. Now...where to start. Ah yes. The local conservative

Two great points! One, people don't know themselves very well, or if
they do, they don't communicate it. Two, we get a very biased view of
humanity by assuming everyone is like our circle of friends.

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