Re: virus: Tony's guests

sean laraway (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 23:49:28 -0500

Tony Hindle wrote:
> R. Leigh :Why does the individual place more importance on
>it's own prosperity rather than the prosperity of a global
>community of 5.5billion.

individuals have evolved to maximize fitness. though this may include
helping kin maximize their fitness, too, but "kin" seems to be fairly
limited in number (probably less than 5.5 billion). though my biology may
be a bit rusty.

> V. Maver.: Why is it that every time you feel like saying
>something poignant, you censor yourself from saying it?

perhaps people have censored you in the past (strange looks, pointing,
laughing, etc., so now you do it (somewhat automatically) so they don't do
it first).

> R. Leigh q2) What is society doing, this is madness why
>dont we stand up and call for sanity place value on

convince the governments, religious leaders, and the sheep that blindly
follow them.

> V. Maver q2) Where do the human race come from? why when
>you pray does God always where a yellow shirt? what do you think
>the human race are doing right now? motivations? aspirations Etc.

eons of evolutionary tinkering. the blue shirt is in the wash. everything
other animals are doing and more (e.g., genocide). food, sex, money, power.
food, sex, money, power

> R. Leigh q3) If we are the result of darwinian evolution
>where are we going.

no one can tell since evolution is a random process.

with all due respect to your guests, and, of course, i could be wrong.


"in order to climb into the depths one does not need to travel very far;
no, for that you do not need to abandon your immediate and accustomed
--ludwig wittgenstein