RE: Repost: Re: virus: Axioms

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 12:16:00 -0000

From: Lior Golgher
>Tadeusz asked:
>> Zen? Buddhism? -- what
>>axioms are used there?
>And Robin answered:
>1) Live as lived by most of us is permeated by dissatisfaction.
>2) Dissatisfaction is caused by craving and aversion.
>3) It is possible to cease craving and aversion, and thus
>4) This is how to do it... [those interested in the method can look
>a book on Buddhism]
> ----
>Are you sure that those are axioms? To me they seem more like aesthetic
>statements, like 'progress is good' or 'war is bad'.

I don't agree. The implication that dissatisfaction is undesirable
would be such a statement. But that's not one of them. Also,
remember this is religion, not science, and the main aim is
practical, not theoretical.

Robin Faichney