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Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:20:06 -0800 (PST)

At 01:32 PM 3/23/97 -0800, Prof. Tim wrote:
>Interestingly, I was taking with a friend about ego dissolution just
>last night. She's trying to construct her own independent self through
>therapy while at the same time trying to deconstruct that self through

Dan Plante wrote:

The parts and the whole. The components and the emergent property thereof.
She must have an unusual the-rapist; most of them, I find, need one themselves.
"Ego dissolution". An apt term. It rubs me the right way ;-) What she describes
sounds very familiar. The guys at work call me a chameleon, for similar reasons.
I'm curious; how does she rate her own progress to date?

Well, I forwarded the question to her, this was her reply:

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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:47:20 -0800

This is the picture......

A man surrounded by a pile of blocks, which he constantly examines,
catalogues, and rearranges. For each guest, he builds a different
structure around himself, modifying always to suit his situation. He
is in a contant state of flux, of establishing and re-establishing his
relationship to the universe. One day a guest comes to him who helps
him catalogue the mysterious and scary parts he hated to touch, to
show him how all these parts work together. He continues to arrange
and rearrange, to discard the broken, useless blocks and to create new
more functional ones, until he finds the one configuration where all
the blocks fit together in perfect rhythm. The blocks have created a
wall, the wall has created a door. He sees clearly the relationship
between his finite and infinite self. The door swings freely, open to
all guests, he sits in the center, calmly dissolving each block.

........and that's my progress report.

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-Prof. Tim