re:virus:four principles reveiled

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:43:39 -0800

Aaron Bolin wrote:
>1. Environment: Jews couldn't own a business, only Nazi reaped the reward
>of exploiting Jews, and dissenters were severely punished or killed

Implemented: Only Level-3ers are capable of understanding life (the whole
truth about it, which incidentally does not exist).

To be improved: Make a more clear distinction between people who can grok
Level-3 and those who can't (even Mr. Goering was recently found to have a
few flaws...). Forbid chimps to post (how???). Better control food (what
do the Level-3ers drink and smoke?) and sex (what kind of sex Level-3ers
should enjoy most?).

>2. Attachment: Germans couldn't have friendships with Jews, it was a
>crime to have sex with a Jew, you couldn't trust anybody because the
>secret police were everwhere

Implemented: When we Level-3ers get together here in the Temple, we enjoy
high quality drinks and other substances. We get the most out of life.

To be improved: Make it a crime to exchange memes with Level-2ers. Secret

>3. Information: The standard propaganda, hiding the holocaust, keeping
>everybody in the dark about who was winning the war.

Implemented: We earn only $9:95 a month *or less*, hiding much greater
income from Japan, Poland, etc. Memetics is a branch of science. We have
the licence to engineer and spread the best memes. Scientology has more
levels then we do.

To be improved: Signs, icons, more stress on uselessness of objective thinking.

>4. Language/Thought: If every word you have for "Jew" has a negative
>connotation and every word you have for "German" has a positive
>connotation think of the results. Or if I speak in terms of nationalism
>and Hitler as synonomous then what effect does that have. What if I
>liken Hitler to your father, Germany to your mother: would you die to
>protect them?

Implemented: Level-1 is a chimp, Level-2 is an educated person (who may work
for us), but still a not deserving "Level-2er".

Special language: "meme-space flexing on the fly", "simultaneously holding
conflicting ideas", "Look, Level 2 is when you look at life through one
consistent model. Level 3 is when you dance among multiple, mutually
inconsistent models."

Bad words: "consistency", "truth", "reality", "axioms", "hypocrisy".

To be improved: More propaganda, more terror. Father Meme Central? Mother
of all memes?

We are not doing too bad, but some more discipline is required.

Richard has mentioned more levels.
Level-3 is 2P's.
Would Level-4 be 4P's ?
It makes sense.

Now, I'm scared... (will somebody sleep with me tonight?)

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159