Re: Re[2]: virus: a tangent (fwd)

Dan Plante (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 21:33:07 -0800

At 08:20 AM 3/25/97 -0800, Tim wrote:
>Dan Plante wrote:
>I'm curious; how does she rate her own progress to date?
>Well, I forwarded the question to her, this was her reply:


> This is the picture......
> A man surrounded by a pile of blocks, which he constantly examines,
> catalogues, and rearranges. For each guest, he builds a different


Curiously resonant, but alien at the same time. This reaction invariably reminds
me of the shortcomings of metaphorical discourse, and the blessings of it.

The shortcoming is in the accuracy of semantic transmission, and the blessing
is semantic density. Both are determined, diametrically, by the overlap in life
experience between parties.

In memetic terms, this reproductive strategy is very efficient in resources
used, but inherently more mutagenic.

I wonder if other, similarly apt analogies to the techniques in biological
reproduction could be drawn from literary reference. Analogue and parable,
for instance; maybe even rhyme.

Patterns, patterns, everywhere.
But those in here,
reflect out there!

How similar, in time and space
are patterns I have come to trace.

One pattern, I expect to see;
dissimilar ubiquity.

Thanks for forwarding that, Tim. And please thank your friend for me, and wish
her luck.

initial conditions = data (conception)
control of data = information (conception to puberty)
control of information = knowledge (puberty to marriage)
control of knowledge = wisdom (marriage to divorce)