Re: virus: Open Mind and Emotions

Alex Williams (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 06:19:29 -0500 (EST)

> > Perhaps one major difference is that you aren't controlled by your memes
> > because you are your memes. It is like saying your brain is controlled by your
> > neurons (which is sort of true, but an odd way to look at it given the
> > relation).
> .....or that you are controlled by your character......

Now that's an interesting (and disturbing) thought that slipped into
my mind regarding this discussion:

Let's take the spiratvs and meme analogy and equivalent it the other
way as `mind as emergent meme ecology' and see where we end up.

o The self is composed of a vast multitude of Spirits (called
meme-anima, or mamman), all struggling for control of the Self.

o There is no /true/ Self, but every person's group of mamman
(called an Assembly of Selfhood or just Assembly) are unique
because they bear the marks of conflicts with other mamman in the

o When people communicate, their mamman can be transmitted between
them, because words and certain symbols can be used to summon
mamman into the Assemblies of others, which then have to make
their own ways.

o There is a schism amongst the Mamman-Ra (followers of this unique
philosophy-religion) regarding whether mamman are actually trapped
in words and symbols and set free by the observers or whether the
words and sorcerous symbols of Kommunication, their dark art,
causes mamman to reproduce in some way.

o The true masters of the Mamman-Ra are composed of Assemblies that
are either in constant, violent conflict and, in so being,
creating mercurial, active Selves from the ecstatic mixing of
Spirits, or, like Zen masters, possess Assemblies who do not so
much conflict as flow smoothly by one another, creating a mind
placid, calm, reactive, but like the quiet stream, unable to shift
course readily or well. Another Schism exists regarding which is
`better,' though the true Masters recognize that both are parts
and extremes of the state of man.

Interesting. I sense a book/religion of Brodie-esque proportions if I
cared enough about the lot of my fellow man to try and improve them or
cause them to follow me. Frankly, I'd rather destroy the whole lot of
them, though if anyone wants to make Mamman-Ra the new Theosophy, the
new Newage (rhymes with sewage) /thing/, I'd like a kickback in the
form of $10's and $20s and nubile young practicioners.