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Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:54:21 -0700 wrote:
> > From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
> > >
> > >Why hasn't the Broadster himself
> > >set up a runaway movement?
> >
> > He *is* setting it up.
> > Introducing supremacy of Level-3ers on this list is an evident attempt.

Whoa, I thought level three was like, a verb, not a noun. Like standing
and sitting. Standing, you can do different things than when you are
sitting. When you are tired of standing you sit down occasionally.

Level 3ers sounds about as ridiculous to me as saying "so-and-so is a
stander. Look at all those standers thinking they're so

> Is it working? I have noticed that people seem to regard Brodie as some
> kind of memetic leader! I don't find the same, myself, but then I've never
> been involved in a thread with him for too long.

I thought we'd regarded him as some kind of writer. But unlike most
academic lists we roll reactions to imagined insults and ridicule of
lifestyle in with semi-serious discussion of his work. Oh, yeah-- and we
use Brodie to work out our own problems with authority.

Collectively we are about 14 years old.

If I were him I would have signed off a long time ago.

> > > I mean, if every Politics student studying
> > >Nat. Soc. set up a rogue Nazi party, we'd be fucked, wouldn't we?
> >
> > Right. If he really didn't want to spread the bad meme, he wouldn't mention
> > it. If he mentions it -- and mentions it twice! (as the first time it
> > didn't catch enough attention) -- it's likely that he has a purpose.

Conspiracy Theory number 1: Richard shot Martin Luther King.
(Please feel free to add to the list.)

> Of course, but now he's shut up about it, I think he's got what he wants.
> We're talking about it, after all.

That's all anyone talks about around here-- nazis, secret police,
punishing people for incorrect or low-quality thinking. When did this
turn into the leather and fetish discussion list? Even SMers don't take
themselves this seriously.

PS I hope I spelled everything rite.

  Ken Pantheists