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>From: Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki[]
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>Subject: virus: RPGs
>In a vain attempt to keep this discussion memetically oriented, I'll note
>that it was games like Aftermath and Rolemaster that engendered my dislike
>for mechanics-heavy RPGs. Are preferences memes? Are they an emergent
>quality of a memesphere? Why do some memes ("Charts are cool and useful")
>catch on with some people, and not with others?
> -Loki
well, I still don't know if I "get" what y'all are getting at here, but
I have a lot to say about RPG's and memes.

the one that strikes me as most relavent is WW's "Vampire the

(though there are others... at the ripe old age of 10 or so I bought the
"Dieties and Demigods" book. It had the Chuthulu mythos in it. I was
intrigued.I learned more. I was hooked. I never had a chance against
such a powerful "ideosphere" the Great Old Ones? come on...)

These guys have singlehanded taught a modern mythology to a new
generation when society was unwilling to do so. and I for one really
don't like their politics. but I admire their ability to do so...

when you were 10 did you know the meaning of the word "obteneration"?
how about "auspex"?

(o'course I was busy wondering about the source of "Aboth the fountain
of uncleanliness" to worry about big words)

club going people who would never have picked up dice and whacked a
dragon use words and ideas from a game played by my kid sister because
she read Anne Rice, and thinks vampires are cool. AND THEY USE THEM IN
a (sometimes) very different context than I would use them to describe
Any Goths in the mailing list wanna have a crack at this?