Re: virus: RPGs

David Kennerly (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 16:42:42 -0800

> >D.H. wrote.....
> >
> >
> >This whole thing is not true. Rational people are more creative than
> >irrational
> >people. This is true for both artists and scientists. And bureaucracies
> >nothing to do with being analytical. Bureaucratic people don't analyze,
> >just act like robots.
> >
> >David K. is saying that people who like charts are into some sort of
> >of
> >command" mode. And people who don't like charts are these spontaneous
> >with
> >the flow" people. There is no basis for such an assertion
> > -David Rosdeitcher

Thank you for clearing up some stereotypes I made.

>From self-experience I find the "analysis" mode and the "creative" mode to
be somewhat conflicting. I do each well, but not at the same time. I
believe it easier to make a preference for one of the conflicting modes or
the other. Memetically, the "analytical" memes and "creative" memes I
imagine to be competing players for the territory of your space-time
thought-behavior. If one player gains a substantial advantage over the
other, it is relatively easier for it to hold onto this advantage, thus
many persons that are self-described as more comfortable with "analysis"
exclusively-or "creative" modes.

By your statement of "go with the flow" kinda people, I imagine two
different kinds of people.

1. Those in harmony with, and receptive to, their healthy creativity.
2. Those who shelter their ego by acquiesing to the social powers that
push them around.
I assume you meant the second; while I imagine the first to be applicable
to what I was referring to one think-behaving in the "creative" mode.

I see other holes with my assertion (differentiating chartophiles and
chartophobes), too. I easily imagine someone could have been taught (by
example or however) that charts are boring. It would have much less to do
with his memetic mode, as it would with this learned association. I,
myself, enjoy visually oriented graphs and stuff, while finding myself
wanting to translate series of numbers into graphs to allow a more
intuitive grasp of the data.