Re: virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye

Tony Hindle (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 05:47:57 +0000

Hello Im back. Thanks for all your responses to my guest's
questions. You may be interested to know that R. Leigh was a pissed up
24 yr old male who is off work with depression at the moment.
V. Maver was a 30 yr old (equaly pissed up) female (my sister
actually, I have got 6 of them, she is my fav, my eldest sister actualy
does believe the world is hollow, evolution is bulshit (aliens put us
here) there's a face on mars and many others!)

In message <>, writes
>> Actually I have a question for Anyone who has seen brass
>> Eye,
>Superb programme...
Great taste Drakir.
>> I have been told this evening that an article appeared in the
>> guardian saying there was currently a legal wrangle between Chris
>> Morris and Micheal Grade because on the last episode a single frame
>> subliminal message apeared (During the scene where Chris Morriss
>> was interviewing a hospitalised map of britain) which said
>> "Micheal grade is a motherfucker"
>> What are your thoughts (please indicate them before and after
>> you've checked out the story).
>I spoke to another person who'd heard a similar story. A friend of
>mine has it on video, so I'm going to take it home and run it through
>the jog-shuttle to see if I can find the frame. I'll post the results
Im waiting eagerly for that posting Drakir. I still havent
checked the scource yet, (I am still sceptical that the story was in the
guardian). I personally thought that the only reason we got such a treat
as Brass Eye was because Micheal Grade was leaving Channel 4 and decided
to let one real gem go through that would have got him sacked if he
had'nt been going anyway. If the story is true then I reckon they are
both in it together. (these are all wild speculations folks it's now 5-
45 am and I cant check anything out)
Actually the time is late and I need to get some sleep, Talk to
you all tommorow.
Tony Hindle.
A pancreatic rationalist is just a pancritical rationalist
with a bad memory, who has been away for a week.