Re: virus: Memes and Modes

Dave Pape (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 20:28:19 GMT

At 05:15 29/03/97 +0000, Tony wrote:
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>>I would've thought that multi-tasking meant parallel processing... I'm kind
>>of into the idea that conscious cognitive processing is simulated sloppy
>>serial-ish processing emerging from subconscious parallel processing. Hence
>>why multi-tasking would (I think) be tricky...
> Chewing gum while riding a bike while comtemplating multi level
>marketing scams is multi-tasking we all can do, (if we've got a Y
>chromosone there'll also be the neverstopping module looking for
>shagging opportunities running.) Initially we have to develop the
>programs on our memetic software using "conscious effort".
>but once that has been done they can be ran at the same time.

Exactly: because we don't have to worry about doing them using "conscious
effort". The problem with multitasking comes when you're trying to do two
things at the same time /consciously/, because conscious cognitive
processing is simulated sloppy serial-ish ner ner see above. Cool! :)

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