Re: virus: God and Level-3

David McFadzean (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 19:40:50 -0700

> From: Tony Hindle <>
> Date: Saturday, March 29, 1997 7:17 PM
> >What is the actual maximum number of goals A and B could
> >achieve in reality?
> A and B represent identical individuals in parallel but
> identical universes. The universes diverge only at time t when B
> believes all 100 goals are achievable and A believes (correctly)
> only 50 (A's beliefs are therefore "truer").

A's belief that 50 is the maximum can't be correct if B (an
identical individual) can achieve 60.

> Maybe person C in a parralell identical universe becomes
> person D, the only difference between C & D is that D is deluded
> into believing she can achieve 100 and achieves 80.

No, I was assuming that C was correct in that 70 is the maximum
achievable. This thought experiment would be easier to follow
if you tell me what the true maximum is so we can tell whether
someone is correct in their belief.

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