Re: virus: Angelica de Meme

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 08:55:01 +0100

In message <>, Tadeusz Niwinski
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>Tony wrote:
>> Let me try to sumarize with a more memetically
>>orientated analysis (since we are all lucky enough to now be
>>infected with this powerful mind tool.) We are meme ecologies and
>>as meme ecologies we can be infected with memes that have a drag
>>effect on our goal achieving behaviour. Memes infect us against
>>"our better judgement". This we can turn to our advantage by
>>deliberately exposing ourselves to memes we want to "identify
>No offense intended. How does it sound with angels instead of memes?
>Let me try to suggest a more spiritually orientated analysis (since we are
>all lucky enough to understand spirituality -- this powerful mind tool.) We
>have souls and as spiritual beings we can invite angels that have a drag
>effect on our goal achieving behaviour. Angels help us against "our better
>judgement". This we can turn to our advantage by deliberately exposing
>ourselves to angels we want to "identify with".
Yes it makes perfect sense. For me though using memes seems an
easier way for me to conduct my self deception because I have an instant
"angels are bollox meme." In a sense I embarrass myself when I try to
accept the existence of angels. I dont understand spirituality so its
memetics for my self programing is what Im trying to say.

Prof Tim Said:
>Interesting. Are you saying that the spiritual/religious traditions of
>angels vs. demons are in fact encrypted analogies for this memetic process
>that have arisen as a byproduct of the selection pressures of those very
>same memetic processes on thier host culture?
I cant quite follow this question but I feel close to it can I
ask for some clarification for my next try please?
You now what I mean? Am I the only one lost here? ...Bill Hicks.