RE: virus: RPGs

Jim Gadbois (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:06:44 -0600

>E-Prime is a barely half-assed attempt at patching a language--and
>indeed the very methods of thought behind it--that are hopelessly
the very act of adapting (fixing) a "broken language" by one of it's
users creates an empowering tool that could eventually lead to a,
generally accepted, less broken, form of said language.

besides, for the most part, this "E-prime" (hooray!!! another
euphamisim!!!) "is" being used by me to aid my OWN mind- not society's.

> I am much more impressed with Lojban, which is at least a
>3/4-assed attempt at throwing it out and starting over from a more
>solid foundation.

as I said, I speak English, not esperento, or lojban. (though I am
impressed with the idea of Lojban being an interface language for humans
and computers... but not enough to go learn it)

> I have already found it useful for explaining
>misunderstandings and hidden assumptions in English.

hidden assumptions in English? Do tell!