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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 15:42:06 -0800

Reed wrote:

>I'm wondering, Richard, when are you going to throw off this "prophet
>meme" (that's a pun, get it? ;-) ) which is infecting you? Or do you
>consider it an "acceptable self-deceit"?

I'm just a guy who likes fine cognac.
>I think I have to side with David: Accuracy is better than comfort in

Accuracy is better than comfort. Usefulness is better than accuracy. How
many digits of Pi do you use when you're calculating a circumference?

> A single "point-of-view" makes us susceptible to
>manipulation...but accepting as valid any "point-of-view" not based
>in reason and subject to external criticism makes us far more

Bah. You accept points of view not based on reason all the time. How do
you interact with other people?

> The first time you conciously accept a lie as the truth
>you compromise your integrity.

It's not black and white, Reed. Remember the Whitehead quote that begins
Virus of the Mind: "All truths are half-truths..."

> Who, then, do you expect to trust
>you? The gullible? I believe all kinds of false things, I'm sure...
>but not any I can get my hands on.

Actually, I find that most people tend to trust me. People often find
themselves very comfortable talking to me and frequently entrust me with
details of their inner lives that they've rarely shared with anyone
>You've given up the quest for truth...but the quest is the end in
>itself. If you continue to learn your reality will always be expanding
>and former models will have to fall away.

I think that last statement is one of those false beliefs you've been
trying to get your hands on...
[snip Emerson]

I agree with all you say about Emerson.

>I asked you this question before, why are you combining a good
>introduction to memetics with this Level-3 stuff? I'm beginning
>to wonder if Tad is right, is this a test? Sort of a reverse-Groucho
>Marx club: if you're a member, you didn't get it?

Thank you for the kind compliment on my book, Reed. There's no test. I
know it's frustrating to be striving for Level 3, but it's worth it. I'm
doing my best to assist everyone on this list to make the transition.

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