Re: virus: Open Thinking

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 16:43:35 -0800

David R. wrote:
> One point made by the dialogues at CoV is that it is not necessary to reach
>any final conclusion about the nature of reality, but to break into a mode of
>open thinking--a process of constantly improving, expanding, and re-ordering
>knowledge. This process can be stimulated by participation in an activity in
>which an idea or hypothesis is first conceived by an individual and then that
>idea can be criticized, tested, analyzed, etc. by many individuals.

I like your post, David. I find it very stimulating and I want to ask
everybody two questions:
(1) What is it that keeps us posting to this list?
(2) How can this list be improved?

>The point here is that open thinking works by a process of conceiving ideas,
>then testing them. With that in mind, here is an idea to be tested: There
were 3
>modes of thinking that were described: 1)open thinking of first visualizing the
>ideas in picture form and then finding ways to describe them 2) closed thinking
>of using definitions or other authorities as dogma and 3)manipulating language
>to control other people. Each of these 3 modes of thinking have distinct
>characteristics on a cellular level that are not determined by any particular
>memetic structure.

I didn't get the last statement. What is "cellular level" and "memetic

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