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Ted Goddard (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 09:25:04 -0700

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[David said:]
> I thought it was quite ironic that this weekend's newspapers will filled
> with stories about the Heaven's Gate cult (how could those people believe
> something so bizarre?) side by side with people celebrating the mystical
> ascension of their God. At least spaceships are theoretically possible.

That is ironic. Jesus wouldn't have been nearly as popular, though, if
he insisted that his followers cut off their testicles ... hey, wasn't that
a scenario in one of those historical RPGs? Even the church of virus could
worship Jesus, not for his teachings per se, but for the quality his memes
as witnessed by their propagation.

> Try

Thanks. It's things like this that can change a persons life ...
Did you read the part about Luciferians:

there are many space alien races that through the
centuries of this civilization (and in civilizations prior) have
represented themselves to humans as "Gods." We refer to
them collectively as "space alien races in opposition to the
Next Level," what historically have been referred to as
"Luciferians," for their ancestors fell into disfavor with the
Kingdom Level Above Human many thousands of years ago.
They are not genderless - they still need to reproduce.

They talk about how "Truth" can only be maintained in the mind through constant
contact with a representative of the next level. That representative gives
you constant instruction in behaviour and thinking. If you accept that, you're
hosed -- any being that thinks that truth does not stand on its own is in very
serious trouble. Whats really disturbing, though, is that probably a large
portion of the human race believes that "authority" (whatever authority they
have in mind) is the true repository of truth. It must be because our innate
social structure include taking orders from others.