RE: virus: Four Principles Digest

Tue, 01 Apr 97 19:03:55 CT

David McF wrote:
>It should be obvious to anyone who understands the second thing about
>memetics that attempting to hide harmful memes is no way to fight them.

Richard Brodie replied:
>What is your evidence to support this assertion? I'm interested, and it
>doesn't seem obvious to me. It's like saying that attempting to
>exterminate the smallpox virus is no way to fight it.

I grok that what Brother David is saying is that the Four Principle mind-
virus exists outside of the containment chamber in Seattle. Destroying the
virus that is on file will not affect those patients that have already been
infected. In medical terms, the culture in storage should be examined
in order to develope an innoculation(sp). True, opening the containment
champer may allow the virus to spread to new victems, but it is already
spreading as we speak.

I guess.

Corey A. Cook

Zen parables don't count.