Re: virus: God and Level-3

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 01:50:26 +0100

In message <>, David
McFadzean <> writes
>At 08:31 AM 31/03/97 +0100, Tony Hindle wrote:
>> I see small deliberate self deceits as a way of moving
>>further from left to right. You asked me to pick a number where the
>>graph is at maximum I think it is a continuously rising function
>>from left to right.
>So you must not be constrained by physics in any way? How high
>can you jump? Infinitely high?
No. But you can believe you can jump infinitely high. Your
point however does allow me to see my position is bollox (it's all
getting hazy in here) because its obvious that too many beliefs is
a drawback to goal achievement (re the heaven cult, no more goals
will be achieved by the dead ones.) So the function must have a
maximum as you said a few postings ago. I think Tim's general
> m(t)=f[m(t-1)*R(t-1)]

is a correctly formed possibility. (where beliefs are part
of memcology.)

I am still continuing to grow in my belief that a small amount of
self deception can be goal-achievement-enhancing. (your at the edge
of the high diving board at the swimming baths, to manage to jump
you might try "convincing yourself" that the next step is just like
all the others.) I think this answers your original question to my
mind. Having said that too much self deception can be a spiralling
trail to disaster when we start tinkering with our own rationality
we might lose the ability to get it back. If mine slips too far
away I sense your voice will be shouting to me to come back down to
earth Dave (I hope so anyway).

Tony Hindle.
who is now a pancreatic ratio list.