RE: virus: Devils: Identification, Containment, Prevention

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 02 Apr 97 08:56:00 EST

Tad, in regard to your post on Devils. If you had at least responded with
one alternative that was original, you would have contributed to the
discussion. Instead, by parroting the post back using simple substitution
of "devils" for "toxic memes", you have demonstrated that you either
cannot or will not contribute anything useful or substantial. Here is
another opportunity for you to contribute.
I take no position that any of the three alternatives I listed is
correct; I was looking for someone to generate a meaningful alternative
to the ones listed. Are you capable of creating a new, superior method of
dealing with toxic memes that may be life-threatening? What are the
obligations of those who discover that a given meme is toxic to the point
of death for the holders or their neighbors?
Do you understand the questions? Are you capable of response?