RE: virus: truth, science, and the American way

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 02 Apr 97 11:00:00 EST

Reed wrote:
>You are suggesting we abolish universities? And where will the next
generation's prodigys go to study philosophy and history?<

I don't support the abolition of universities; they can be an effective
method for the transmission of knowledge. But, before Athens, there were
no universities as such, and knowledge was still transmitted. The
Internet-Web is not a university either, and transmits quite a bit of
knowledge ( and error) each day. My point is that a university is not the
only means to develop an education, merely a very efficient one.

> Why not abolish the NEA, too?<

Why not? Is it a necessary function of government to subsidize the arts?

>Where do you suppose thinkers get the money and time to develop

Some of us do it while pursuing a living in industry, in our spare time.
Some enter religious orders, I would imagine. And others enter